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Frequently Asked Questions

No, nudeherbs produces “Tonics” not juices. We naturally brew herbs and flowers and then add a small amount of high-quality juice to the brew to add flavour and texture. This blend is a nutritious and delicious mix that is called a “Tonics”.

No, fermentation is not a part of our process. We brew the herbs and flowers at a low temperature and for a long duration to preserve the nutrients. 

No, they are still (non-carbonated). 

nudeherbs earns its ‘functional’ label by incorporating real functional herbs and flowers. The components found in nudeherbs have a strong foundation in research and have been demonstrated in various studies to cater to diverse aspects of health.

Yes, our Tonics are fully plant-based.

We do not add any processed sugar to our Tonics. The small amount of sugar content in our Tonic is the natural sugar from the added fruit juice.

No, the Tonics are “ready to drink”, meaning no dilution is required unless you personally prefer to do that.

The serving size of nudeherbs Tonics is 350mL (one bottle), and that is calculated based on the amount of the herbs needed to deliver the health benefit. You may drink the full bottle at once or sip it little by little throughout the day.

Once the bottle is opened, place the cap back on, keep it refrigerated, and drink it within three (3) days after opening.

The supply of organic herbs and flowers is currently very inconsistent. So, at this stage we maintain at least 70% of the herbs and flowers as organic while working towards using all organic ingredients.

At least 90%. The other 10% are the ingredients that are not made in Australia. For example, we import Damiana from Mexico, which is the main producer of this herb.

No, we only use glass bottles and metal caps.

Yes, keep them refrigerated at all times as we don’t use artificial preservatives in our Tonics. Keeping them at room temperature could impact the quality of our products.

Yes, due to the use of fully natural ingredients, feel free to warm the Tonics up and enjoy them as hot drinks.

We have two main recommended methods. The first method is using a frothing machine (steaming/coffee machine) the same way youmake a latte. Alternatively, you can use a teapot, just ensure that you are placing the cap on to avoid losing flavour. Watch this Vidoe (

No, all our drinks are non-alcoholic. We do not utilize fermentation or artificial herbal extracts, which are frequently alcohol-based, in our Tonics.

We are unable to provide medical advice. For any medical-related questions, it is advisable to consult with your health care provider.

The herbs and flowers we use in our Tonics are commonly consumed by people of all ages worldwide for culinary purposes. However,if you have allergies, are taking medication, have underlying health conditions, are pregnant, or breastfeeding, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider before consumption.