Founder’s Story

Hi—my name is Dr. Ali Karami, and I am a Research and Development Scientist. I have dedicated my entire life to helping people improve their physical, mental and emotional health, and live their best lives by making wise choices that empower their health. Every step in my career is proof of this ultimate vision, and today, NudeHerbs is my finest achievement—and the beginning of my true legacy for this world.

My journey towards NudeHerbs started at home, as a child. I watched my parents’ garden together in harmony, and stretched my innovative soul—building an electric generator that turned auto exhaust into energy, supporting the environment. My parents would talk about the importance of health, and the ancient recipes their family had held for generations—something I heard many times over, fading into the background for many years, only to come back in the biggest way.

My propensity towards science made me a top student, and the fire in my heart was relentless. When earning my Masters in Science, I traveled fourteen hours to another city for ten hours of lectures, followed by another fourteen hour trek home.

Even though I found immense academic success, I was not satisfied. I knew that I could do more, and reach for a higher calling that could change the world. So, I enrolled in a Ph.D. program and got to work—bankrolling my own thesis, publishing many papers and filing two patents. My work ethic paid off, and I became an Assistant Professor right after graduation.

Life started to move fast. I acquired hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding, built two laboratories, filed two more patents, saw my work featured in the news, and achieved in five years who would take most top scientists 10-15 years to achieve. But, this still wasn’t enough. All of my expertise and research across Environment Science, Food & Beverage Science, and Human Health Science was limited by the community around me—and making a global impact would take many lifetimes.

That drive and passion has led me to leave behind my stellar academic career, and use my expertise to create NudeHerbs. With a strike of divine inspiration, I remembered my parents’ ancient recipes—and everything clicked.

I came to Australia where the climate conditions could help procure a farm by which I could grow the ingredients needed to bring these recipes to the world. Without chemicals and pesticides, I laid roots in a large villa and cultivated the herbs and flowers needed to produce the first batch of NudeHerbs beverages. Overcoming droughts, mounting expenses, and taking on this labor of love myself, I finally brought the dream of NudeHerbs to life—and now, to you. I left the farm behind after excessive drought and costs, and grew NudeHerbs into the beacon of health it is today.

Using my parents’ ancient recipes, I found that combining nutrition science with the expertise of the ancient peoples of the Burnt City was the way forward. This convergence of Tradition and Science brings natural herbs and flowers together with state-of-the-art beverage science. Now, I have dedicated my life and expertise to procuring natural, powerful beverages that can help you live your best life.

With NudeHerbs, it’s easy to ‘Be Wise’.

I invite you to enjoy the wisdom of NudeHerbs with every sip, today!