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Gut Wellness Cleanse (Gift)

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Gut wellness Cleanse” is comprised of regular daily intake of the “digest” Tonic. “digest” Tonic is an exclusive blend of six essential components derived from five distinct botanicals.

Recommended daily usage*:
Bottle 1: Upon Rising (Before/With/After Breakfast) – 1×350mL Bottle of “digest”
Bottle 2: 1-2 hours before Lunch – 1×350mL Bottle of “digest”
Bottle 3: 2-3 hours after Lunch – 1×350mL Bottle of “digest”
Bottle 4: Before/With/After Dinner OR 2-3 hours before sleep – 1×350mL Bottle of “digest”

Recommended habits for getting better results out of this plan:
– Ensure you stay well-hydrated by consuming an ample amount of water. Ideally, women should aim for 2.5-3 litres daily, while men should target 3-3.5 litres a day.
– We strongly advise maintaining an active lifestyle while using nudeherbs Tonic plans. Physical activity aids in the efficient removal of toxins from your body, promotes regular digestion, enhances lung function, and contributes to clear and healthy skin.
– Lowering carbs intake, minimizing processed foods, and avoiding preservatives and processed sugar as much as possible.
– Nourishing our body with vegetables and leafy greens, and moderate consumption of fruits, nuts and seeds.
– Pay attention to your body’s signals while going through the plan, and if you feel the need to take a break, please go ahead and do it.

Disclaimer: nudeherbs Tonics are not meant for the treatment or cure of any medical condition or health issues. These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Consult with your health care provider before use if you are on medication or have any health issues.
*This is our recommended usage guideline. Feel free to try out for yourself to find what works best for you.



Are nudeherbs Tonics fermented?
No, fermentation is not a part of our process. We brew the herbs and flowers at a low temperature and for a long duration to preserve the nutrients.

Are nudeherbs Tonics fizzy (carbonated)?
No, they are still (non-carbonated).

Do nudeherbs Tonics need to be refrigerated?
Yes, keep them refrigerated at all times as we don’t use artificial preservatives in our Tonics. Keeping them at room temperature could impact the quality of our products.

Are nudeherbs Tonics 100% plant-based?
Yes, our Tonics are fully plant-based.

Should I mix nudeherbs Tonics with water?
No, the Tonics are “ready to drink”, meaning no dilution is required unless you personally prefer to do that.