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nudeherbs’ Story

5,000 years ago, a vast metropolis known as the Burnt City was home to an ancient civilization. These wise, influential people held the power of Mother Nature in their hands-innovating endlessly across a wealth of mental, physical and social constructs, from medical science to innovative art, and social equality for women. They even invented animation. The people of the Burnt City had a unique approach to creating beverages that could empower both the body and the mind-all by harnessing meaningful ingredients from Mother Nature. This civilization did not have the interventions and misdirection of modern food science-sugars, artificial colour, flavour and preservatives. These ingredients have only led modern people to become unhealthy, and in many cases vulnerable to disease. With access to the hygiene and medical resources of 5,000 years ago, this civilization had to use precise formulas of naturally brewed herbs and flowers that could purify the body, and lead to genuine health and wellness-the same wisdom, history and now tradition in every bottle of nudeherbs. We know this because these recipes have been passed down through the generations, to my parents-and now, to me, with nudeherbs. 

With nudeherbs in your hands, you hold the wisdom of the people from the ancient Burnt City. It’s that intelligence, and wealth of health that we have chosen to impart upon the world. Make the smart choice.