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Unique Features

Brewed Herbs & Flowers or Herbal Extracts?

nudeherbs is a pioneering Australian company specializing in crafting beverages from real herbs and flowers, setting itself apart from the majority of other brands that produce herbal drinks using herbal extracts rather than real herbs and flowers. Herbal extracts are typically created by immersing the herbs in organic solvents, primarily alcohol, and then straining out the solid herb material, leaving behind a concentrated liquid known as herbal extract. This process introduces a level of non-naturalness to the product.
What’s more, there is a risk associated with herbal extracts, as they may not capture the full spectrum of active ingredients found in the herbs, potentially resulting in an unbalanced composition of active elements with uncertain health implications for consumers. This is precisely why we have made the deliberate choice to preserve the authenticity of our ancient recipes by naturally brewing the actual herbs and flowers.
We use a low-temperature, extended-duration brewing process to ensure the optimal preservation of flavour and the highest levels of nutrients. The result is a range of nutritious and delicious tonics crafted to nourish your body and soul.

Primarily Organic Herbs And Flowers

At least 70% of the herbs and flowers used in nudeherbstonics are Certified Organic. At this stage, we cannot make our products with 100% organic herbs and flowers because currently their supply is extremely inconsistent.

No Added Sugar or Sugar Alcohols

Although consumers have a significantly higher tendency to drink sweet beverages, the adverse impacts of sugar or sugar alcohols on our body are widely known. While consumers still desire sweet tasting beverages, nudeherbs have created a low-sugar, sweet taste which is free from any processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, and sugar alcohols. We employ a multi-step, natural state-of- the-art production process, which adds a delicious sweet and appetizing taste for consumers while keeping the sugar contents in our beverages low. The small sugar content is natural sugar and is from the added fruit juices.

NO Artificial Ingredients

While the well-documented adverse health effects of artificial ingredients are concerning, they continue to pervade numerous food and beverage products that enjoy widespread consumption. Our forebearers, devoid of the contemporary manufacturing processes we now consider commonplace, relied upon natural ingredients to craft delightful beverages. We are dedicated to harking back to our historical and traditional roots, vowing not to include any synthetic additives in our beverage creations.

Potent Concentrations Of Herbs And Flowers

There is a minimum dosage level from everything we consume to have a positive impact on our body. For example, you won’t benefit from the nutrients within a carrot if you eat a single bite! Currently, there isn’t a threshold level in law which would only allow a beverage to legally be claimed as herbal foods/drinks. This creates a problem for consumers who want to purchase food and drink which has a positive benefit on their health. Therefore, at nudeherbs, we take the pride of adding a high level of herbs to our beverages. A 350mL bottle of nudeherbs tonic contains between 3000 and 5500 milligrams of real herbs and flowers.